UVOTECH Systems Corporation manufactures, distributes and provides solutions in the Semiconductor, Electronics, BioMedical, Aerospace, Medical Devices and Photovoltaic industries. Our line of products is diversified and comprehensive; suitable for research and development labs, University and Government organizations, production facilities, foundries as well as fabless companies.

    We always maintain strong customer and supplier relationships, and continue to adapt our product offerings to the current market requirements. We partner with our customers and help them get the best solutions at best prices possible.

    We are proud to be a manufacturer as well as a distributor for some of the world´s leading corporations. Our current products include UV-Ozone Cleaning Systems, Laser Marking Machines, UV Curing Systems, Plasma Cleaners, Plasma Etching Systems and Molecular Printers used mainly in the manufacturing of Bio-sensors. Our equipment are used worldwide by top researchers, universities and leading corporations.

    Some of UVOTECH’s Existing Customers...